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Roof Repair Case Studies

Ice Dam Issues
The customer had ice dam issues backing up over the front entryway upper roof. They didn't want the constant electric draw that he cables use or to add attic insulation .
Ridgefield, CT Flat Roof Repair
The main issue that we were facing with this project is common when it comes to flat roofing. Water was settling on the roof and was not properly flowing to the drains.
Roof Repair in Ridgefield, CT
We did a roof in Ridgefield, CT and when we removed the roof the Cathedral ceiling was the actual ceiling in the inside of the home a regular 1 1/4 roofing nail wood go threw...
Rubber Replacement in Easton, CT
Replacing this old rubber roof that was holding alot of water and soaking throughout into the insulation
Rubber Replacement in Easton, CT
Replacing this rubber roof in Easton Ct this roof had major leaks and issues with draining 
Owens Corning Roof Replacement in Trumbull, CT
When our crew got on the roof we noticed that the plywood was rotted so we had 15 sheets of 1 3/4 plywood delivered so we could replace the rotted wood.
Roof Inspection in New Milford, CT
Sometimes it isn't clear if your roof is giving your home enough protection. In situations like this, it can be difficult find the cause of the problem and also to recommend a...
Roof Repair in Milford, CT
We knew that this would be a somewhat complicated job as we had to cut away some of the existing roof to install the porch roofing. The challenge here was making the cut in...
Roof Replacement in West Haven, CT
When we started to tear off the shingle on this home's roof we noticed that there was not enough insulation installed in this home attic. We also noticed a few ventilation issues...
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