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Amazing repair and transformation in Wilton, CT

This customer requested that we only repair the damaged section, not the whole roof, as they were planning to replace the whole roof further down the road. When our team arrived we took up the tarp we saw how bad this roof section was. For starters, there weren’t even shingles installed there was also no underlayment or Ice and Water. Due to the lack of shingles, we had to replace most of the rotting decking layer, and once this was done we moved on to laying down the underlayment and Ice and Water. This layer will serve as an extra layer of protection in case the shingles are ever compromised. Finally, we installed the shingles and flashings. The flashings are installed to make sure that no leaks occur around the chimney or areas where shingles are up against the siding. After about half a day's work our team was able to assess, repair and install this brand-new roof. Now that this roof has been fixed this homeowner can be certain that their roof will keep them dry and safe.

Amazing roof transformation in Weston, CT

Our team took care of this homeowner's moss-covered, shingle-damaged roof that had a few leaks here and there. The damages to this roof include moss and algae growth along with a few broken shingles. The first step in this transformation was ripping up the old shingles and getting a good look at the decking layer beneath it. After inspecting the decking layer it was deemed necessary to replace many of the sheets of plywood that make up this layer. Once repaired we began laying the underlayment and the Ice and Water. These two layers help further seal the roof from the elements. Finally, we installed the shingles and flashings. The shingles are layered from bottom to top to ensure the water runs off the roof properly. With this brand new roof, this homeowner can be certain that they will be dry and safe, especially since their roof comes with a 50-year warranty. 

Brand new Roof for the Fry family

Our team took care of the Fry's old, warn roof. Their old roof was in decent shape and needed minimal repairs but they opted to replace the whole thing. They decided on our IKO Dynasty Sentinel Slate Shingles which looked absolutely stunning with the red siding and white trim. This beautiful new roof is guaranteed for the next 50 years!

Wood Shake Roof Installation in Greenwich, CT

Brown Roofing removed the old wood shake on this Greenwich, CT home and installed new

Roof Replacement in Old Greenwich, CT

Roof Replacement in Old Greenwich Ct

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