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Before and After Pictures from Weston
Amazing roof transformation in Weston, CT

Amazing roof transformation in Weston, CT

Before After
Amazing roof transformation in Weston, CT Amazing roof transformation in Weston, CT

Our team took care of this homeowner's moss-covered, shingle-damaged roof that had a few leaks here and there. The damages to this roof include moss and algae growth along with a few broken shingles. The first step in this transformation was ripping up the old shingles and getting a good look at the decking layer beneath it. After inspecting the decking layer it was deemed necessary to replace many of the sheets of plywood that make up this layer. Once repaired we began laying the underlayment and the Ice and Water. These two layers help further seal the roof from the elements. Finally, we installed the shingles and flashings. The shingles are layered from bottom to top to ensure the water runs off the roof properly. With this brand new roof, this homeowner can be certain that they will be dry and safe, especially since their roof comes with a 50-year warranty. 

Beautiful roof replacement in Weston, CT

Beautiful roof replacement in Weston, CT

Before After
Beautiful roof replacement in Weston, CT Beautiful roof replacement in Weston, CT

This home was suffering from severe color fade and broken shingles. First, our team started ripping up the old shingles and assessed if the decking layer needed to be replaced. After assessing the layer we concluded that we could save the customer money by reusing the existing decking layer. This is a widely accepted practice as long as there is zero rot or mold growth and we carefully inspect each and every sheet of plywood to ensure this. Next, we laid down Ice and Water along with the underlayment. These two layers add extra protection against any weather that penetrates the shingles if they are damaged. After this the shingles are installed, and this homeowner decided on our IKO Dynasty Castle Gray Shingles which looked stunning when paired with the beautiful stone work that has been done to this home.


Gutter replacement in Weston, CT

Gutter replacement in Weston, CT

Before After
Gutter replacement in Weston, CT Gutter replacement in Weston, CT

This was a quick and neat job. This customer was looking for a gutter replacement so we recommended our 6K Gutter System. This system is very effective at redirecting water off the roof and away from the home. This homeowner decided to switch up the color and go from white to gutters to black and this change really impacted the look of the home.


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When it comes to repairing or improving your roof, replacing leaky, clogged gutters, or installing new siding, you need a company you can trust. Our track record of excellence in roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, skylight installation, covered gutter installation, and gutter leaf guards dates back to 1972. We've been providing high-quality and lasting services throughout Fairfield County for nearly five decades, and we’re ready to bring our expertise to you!

We are a family-owned and operated company driven to build relationships throughout our community, and we value the role our customers have played in our success. If you find yourself in need of any of our services, including roof repairs, gutter installations, gutter guards, or siding installations, don't wait - contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate! 

Durable Roof Repair Contractors in Weston, CT

If you're concerned that there's a serious issue plaguing your roof, it's best to contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. If you have a leaky roof, blown or missing shingles, old damage from falling debris, or any other problem on your home or business's roof, Brown Roofing Company, Inc. has you covered. Our experts are prepared to provide you with a full roof inspection, identifying damage and other troubling issues before designing a roof repair system that meets your home’s exact needs. Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is also proud to provide emergency roof repair services that are designed to give you a quick and effective response for when disaster strikes your home. 

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There are times when simply repairing your roof isn’t enough to ensure the lasting stability and health of your home. When you need a full roof replacement service, Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is your local expert. We have been replacing roofs in the Fairfield County area for nearly fifty years, bringing a high degree of professionalism and decades of expertise to every job site. We will replace your entire roof with durable components, each of which fulfills an important role in building a roofing system that will last you for decades. We also offer high-quality roof systems for our commercial customers, including modified bitumen, commercial TPO, and EPDM/rubber roofing types.

We offer top-flight products and highly-trained roof replacement experts in Weston, CT and the surrounding areas that specialize in residential and commercial roof work. We offer no-cost, no-obligation roof replacement estimates for our customers. Call today to get started on your roof replacement!

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Reliable Siding Installation & Replacement Throughout Weston, CT

Are you looking to boost the curb appeal and value of your home in Weston, CT? Vinyl siding is a popular choice amongst homeowners looking to give their homes makeovers and for good reason. It is affordable, nearly indestructible, and comes in a range of colors and styles to suit your unique needs. We offer dependable vinyl siding installation and replacement to help you upgrade your home. Give us a call to see what we can do to enhance the look and value of your home with excellent siding services!

Aluminum Gutter Installation & Leaf Covers in Weston, CT

Most homeowners understand that a quality gutter protection system and leaf covers are needed to safeguard the property from water intrusion, basement flooding, siding issues, roof wood rot, and other types of water damage. But leaky, clogged gutters will cause more harm than good, causing water to spill over onto the home and surrounding areas. That's why Brown Roofing Company, Inc. installs an exclusive covered gutter system, complete with clog-proof gutter leaf guards!

Quality covered gutters and proper gutter leaf protection are key components of your roofing system. And Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is your local expert for aluminum gutter installation and leaf covers for gutters! Our durable seamless gutters, complete with gutter guards, downspouts, and extensions, are constructed from a single-formed piece of aluminum, lowering the risk of seam-related clogs common in traditional gutters.

Our Services for Covered Gutters & Gutter Leaf Protection:

  • Gutter Installations
  • Gutter Replacements
  • Gutter Leaf Protection
  • Gutter Guards & Leaf Covers
  • Aluminum Gutters
  • Gutter Protection System
  • Downspouts
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Free Covered Gutter & Gutter Leaf Guard Estimates

Never worry about leaky, clogged gutters again! Seamless gutters and clog-proof leaf covers offer higher degrees of strength than traditional jointed gutters made of multiple connected pieces of gutter material and will withstand heavy flow for decades to come. We also offer gutter downspouts, extensions, and gutter guards for enhanced debris resistance and to ensure a healthier, dryer foundation.

Contact us today for your free aluminum gutter replacement estimate! We serve Trumbull, Shelton, Southbury and the surrounding areas.

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High-Quality Roofing Services & Covered Gutters in Weston, CT

Whether you need roof repair, roof replacement, commercial roofing services, or gutter installation services, Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is the right team for the job. With more than forty-five years in the roof contracting business, we have the tools, knowledge, and expert professionals to ensure your satisfaction and the lasting health of your roof system. We offer no-cost, no-obligation estimates for all our services throughout Weston, CT. Call today!

Job Stories From Weston, CT
Full roof replacement on this moss covered roof in Weston, CT

This homeowner reached out to us regarding the condition of their roof. They called due to the sheer amount of moss, lichen, and algae. When they called in stating that it was bad we assumed there would be some moss and that it was nothing to be too concerned about, but how wrong we were. 


When Mat Bey went out to this home he was astonished by the sheer amount of growth on this roof. All this growth was because of the home's location and the amount of direct sunlight the roof gets daily. This house was built in a beautiful forest but allowed virtually no sunlight.


After Mat went through our process and did an inspection with the customer and they were confident that going with us was the right choice we got straight to work. The first step to replacing the roof was ripping up the old shingles which were much heavier than usual due to the moss. Once this was done we looked at the decking layer and we were surprised to see that it was in decent condition for how the shingles looked. The customer did not want to take any chances so they decided to replace all the sheets of plywood. 


Next, we laid down decking tape, Sealeron Ice and Water, and a synthetic underlayment. The decking tape is installed on all the seams created by the plywood sheets, and the Ice and Water are installed on all eaves, rake edges, overhangs, and valleys. It is required by code that two feet of Ice and Water is laid down but we take this a step further and lay down six feet to add extra protection to the home. Next is the underlayment and this is installed on every surface that is not covered by Ice and Water. The mixture of these three products ensures that even if the shingles are damaged the roof will not leak. This layer also helps insulate the roof making the home more energy efficient.


Finally, we could install the shingles and this customer decided on our IKO Dynasty Granite Black Shingles. When we install shingles we always start at the bottom edge and work our way up to ensure that they are layered properly and efficiently direct water off the roof. As we work our way up we also install flashings around all openings in the roof such as vents and chimneys. 


Now that the roof was installed this customer can be confident that their home will be safe and dry, But you may be wondering. Isn’t this just going to happen again? It would if we didn’t make one change. When installing this roof we used copper nails instead of the typical iron nails. When copper oxidizes it releases an inorganic compound called copper sulfate which kills plant growth. So, with these nails on the roof the moss, lichen, and algae don’t stand a chance and don’t worry this won’t affect any plants on the ground around the home.


Roof repair and replacement in Weston, CT

Our team did a full roof repair and replacement on this home, this home had many issues but the biggest was the roof's condition. Due to the home's location and tree coverage, there was substantial moss growth on the shingles. This moss causes all sorts of problems for the homeowners. When moss builds up on shingles it causes water to be trapped between the shingles and this water makes its way through the gaps in the shingles and this ends up causing the decking layer and rafters to rot. 


Ripping up the old and damaged shingles is the first step to this roof replacement. These shingles came up quickly due to old age. Next, we gave another look at the decking layer to make sure the plywood was not rotting. As we expected most of the sheets were starting to rot and we saw some mold growth we ripped up all the rotting plywood and replaced it with brand-new sheets. 


After the decking layer is repaired we can start laying down the three layers that go in between the shingles and decking layer. The first thing that goes down is the seam tape and this tape goes over all the seams created by the plywood, this tape is just another layer of protection. Next Ice and Water is laid down and this is installed on all the edges, valleys, and eaves.  Finally, we lay down the final layer and this is called the underlayment. This layer covers the rest of the roof that is not covered by the Ice and Water. All of these layers act as a barrier in case the shingles are damaged from a storm or other outside forces, they also help insulate the roof helping to create a more energy-efficient home. 


Finally, we install the shingles and this is done starting at the bottom of the roof to the top to ensure that they are layered properly. As we work up the roof we install flashings around all the vents, siding, and chimneys. 


Over the span of one day, this roof was completed from start to finish. This homeowner can be confident knowing that their roof is guaranteed to keep them safe and dry for the next 50 years.


Roof repair and replacement in Weston, CT - Photo 1
Replacing roof on a Building in Weston, CT

We are replacing the roof on this building in Weston Ct, we are replacing this roof with all new plywood and a Gaf Lifetime Shingle

Replacing roof on a Building in Weston, CT - Photo 1Replacing roof on a Building in Weston, CT - Photo 2Replacing roof on a Building in Weston, CT - Photo 3
Work Requests From Weston, CT
Project Location: Weston, CT
Replacing cracked skylight window
Project Location: Weston, CT
Roof repair and/or replacement
Project Location: Weston, CT
Gutters need to be aligned, roofing inspection
Project Location: Weston, CT
Hello...we were hoping to get a quote for a new roof ASAP.
Project Location: Weston, CT
We recently purchased an older home and are looking to proactively understand our options for replacing the roof. It is a pitched roof on a country farmhouse, guest house, and detached garage. They are of various ages and we are looking for an attractive, uniform look that complements the style of the house while being sturdy and long-lasting. We are looking to have this work done in April or May of 2021, so not particularly urgent. Thank you!
Project Location: Weston, CT
Repair/replace section of shingles or replace section with siding.
Project Location: Weston, CT
I have a flat roof in Weston that needs to be replaced. The sheathing underneath seems bad (bouncy), too, so this is a tear-off job. Some adjacent wood siding might get replaced at the same time. Roughly 14' x 13'2" (plus whatever edge allowance). This is a porch, so will need three (or maybe five) provisions for railing posts. I can send a measured drawing and some photos, if you'd like to preview before coming out for an estimate. Please shoot me an email, and we can work out a day to meet at the job site. Thanks, and have a great day.