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Brown Roofing owner Eddie Griffin is a true JEEP enthusiast. More than one Brown Roofing employee shares this enthusiasm. From that passion, The Brown Roofing JEEP Club was born!

The red "Brown Won't Let You Down" Duck, whose name is WRANGLER, we placed on your Jeep, is your official invitation!

Coincidently, a duck on your roof is considered a good omen in many cultures. It can mean that opportunities are on the horizon. Ducks also seek out roofs to provide safety from predators for themselves. Just as a Brown Roof will keep your home safe from weather.

Accept your invitation and
join the club

To accept your invitation, email [email protected] and attach a photo of your JEEP with WRANGLER. You can get in the picture, too, if you want. We encourage it. Include your mailing address in the email, and we will send you an official Brown Roofing JEEP Club bumper sticker.

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