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Before and After Pictures from Wilton
Amazing repair and transformation in Wilton, CT

Amazing repair and transformation in Wilton, CT

Before After
Amazing repair and transformation in Wilton, CT Amazing repair and transformation in Wilton, CT

This customer requested that we only repair the damaged section, not the whole roof, as they were planning to replace the whole roof further down the road. When our team arrived we took up the tarp we saw how bad this roof section was. For starters, there weren’t even shingles installed there was also no underlayment or Ice and Water. Due to the lack of shingles, we had to replace most of the rotting decking layer, and once this was done we moved on to laying down the underlayment and Ice and Water. This layer will serve as an extra layer of protection in case the shingles are ever compromised. Finally, we installed the shingles and flashings. The flashings are installed to make sure that no leaks occur around the chimney or areas where shingles are up against the siding. After about half a day's work our team was able to assess, repair and install this brand-new roof. Now that this roof has been fixed this homeowner can be certain that their roof will keep them dry and safe.

Stunning new roof, siding and gutters on this massive house Wilton, CT

Stunning new roof, siding and gutters on this massive house Wilton, CT

Before After
Stunning new roof, siding and gutters on this massive house Wilton, CT Stunning new roof, siding and gutters on this massive house Wilton, CT

This massive home was double-shingled which means that another roofer shingled over the original roof. While it is a method that is used in roofing it is far from ideal. Roofing over an existing roof never solves the problem. If the roof is leaking then adding another one just delays the leak for a few years and the rotting materials still have more time to rot. So when we arrived we got straight to work ripping both layers of shingles. Now that we were down to the decking layer we decided that it was necessary to replace multiple sheets of plywood due to the rot we were expecting. Once the decking layer was replaced and repaired we laid down Ice and Water along with an underlayment. These two layers act as another form of protection on the off chance the shingles were to ever fail. Finally, we installed the shingles this homeowner decided on our IKO Dynasty Castle Gray Shingles. Next on the list was the gutters, this process is fairly quick when a new roof is installed because we do not have to worry about rotted fascia. The specific gutters we installed were our 6K system which features slightly larger downspouts that will double the amount of water that can be moved off the house when compared to standard gutters. After these are installed we moved on to the siding. This customer decided on our Cedar Peaks Premium Blue Siding. This house is now fully equipped to handle any weather that gets thrown at it.

Brand new gutters on this massive house in Wilton, CT

Brand new gutters on this massive house in Wilton, CT

Before After
Brand new gutters on this massive house in Wilton, CT Brand new gutters on this massive house in Wilton, CT

The original gutters on this house were rough shape, many were bent, leaking, or had an excessive amount of moss and lichen growing on them. Also due to the size of the house and amount of dormers, there were a lot of complicated gutter sections and downspouts. Like most things, the more complex the more likely something is to fail, so a lot of the smaller and more intricate gutters were in the worst shape. When considering the house's complex shape and design, both the homeowner and our team decided that the Gutter Shutter system was the best option. This system includes larger elbows and downspouts, even though these are only one inch larger in width and length they can move twice the amount of water. The gutters themselves are also designed to look invisible or like crown molding for your roof. These gutters also feature wide-mouth outlets that move water more efficiently than standard gutters. With the Gutter Shutter system, this homeowner can be 100% certain that every drop of water landing on their roof will be efficiently redirected keeping their home dry.

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When it comes to repairing or improving your roof, replacing leaky, clogged gutters, or installing new siding, you need a company you can trust. Our track record of excellence in roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, skylight installation, covered gutter installation, and gutter leaf guards dates back to 1972. We've been providing high-quality and lasting services throughout Fairfield County for nearly five decades, and we’re ready to bring our expertise to you!

We are a family-owned and operated company driven to build relationships throughout our community, and we value the role our customers have played in our success. If you find yourself in need of any of our services, including roof repairs, gutter installations, gutter guards, or siding installations, don't wait - contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate! 

Durable Roof Repair Contractors in Wilton, CT

If you're concerned that there's a serious issue plaguing your roof, it's best to contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. If you have a leaky roof, blown or missing shingles, old damage from falling debris, or any other problem on your home or business's roof, Brown Roofing Company, Inc. has you covered. Our experts are prepared to provide you with a full roof inspection, identifying damage and other troubling issues before designing a roof repair system that meets your home’s exact needs. Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is also proud to provide emergency roof repair services that are designed to give you a quick and effective response for when disaster strikes your home. 

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There are times when simply repairing your roof isn’t enough to ensure the lasting stability and health of your home. When you need a full roof replacement service, Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is your local expert. We have been replacing roofs in the Fairfield County area for nearly fifty years, bringing a high degree of professionalism and decades of expertise to every job site. We will replace your entire roof with durable components, each of which fulfills an important role in building a roofing system that will last you for decades. We also offer high-quality roof systems for our commercial customers, including modified bitumen, commercial TPO, and EPDM/rubber roofing types.

We offer top-flight products and highly-trained roof replacement experts in Wilton, CT and the surrounding areas that specialize in residential and commercial roof work. We offer no-cost, no-obligation roof replacement estimates for our customers. Call today to get started on your roof replacement!

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Are you looking to boost the curb appeal and value of your home in Wilton, CT? Vinyl siding is a popular choice amongst homeowners looking to give their homes makeovers and for good reason. It is affordable, nearly indestructible, and comes in a range of colors and styles to suit your unique needs. We offer dependable vinyl siding installation and replacement to help you upgrade your home. Give us a call to see what we can do to enhance the look and value of your home with excellent siding services!

Aluminum Gutter Installation & Leaf Covers in Wilton, CT

Most homeowners understand that a quality gutter protection system and leaf covers are needed to safeguard the property from water intrusion, basement flooding, siding issues, roof wood rot, and other types of water damage. But leaky, clogged gutters will cause more harm than good, causing water to spill over onto the home and surrounding areas. That's why Brown Roofing Company, Inc. installs an exclusive covered gutter system, complete with clog-proof gutter leaf guards!

Quality covered gutters and proper gutter leaf protection are key components of your roofing system. And Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is your local expert for aluminum gutter installation and leaf covers for gutters! Our durable seamless gutters, complete with gutter guards, downspouts, and extensions, are constructed from a single-formed piece of aluminum, lowering the risk of seam-related clogs common in traditional gutters.

Our Services for Covered Gutters & Gutter Leaf Protection:

  • Gutter Installations
  • Gutter Replacements
  • Gutter Leaf Protection
  • Gutter Guards & Leaf Covers
  • Aluminum Gutters
  • Gutter Protection System
  • Downspouts
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  • Seamless Gutters
  • Free Covered Gutter & Gutter Leaf Guard Estimates

Never worry about leaky, clogged gutters again! Seamless gutters and clog-proof leaf covers offer higher degrees of strength than traditional jointed gutters made of multiple connected pieces of gutter material and will withstand heavy flow for decades to come. We also offer gutter downspouts, extensions, and gutter guards for enhanced debris resistance and to ensure a healthier, dryer foundation.

Contact us today for your free aluminum gutter replacement estimate! We serve Trumbull, Shelton, Southbury and the surrounding areas.

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Wilton Chimney Repair Services

Brown Roofing Company, Inc. offers comprehensive solutions to ensure your chimney is safe and functional. Our expert team specializes in chimney repair, addressing issues from minor cracks to major structural damage, restoring your chimney's integrity. With meticulous chimney inspections, we detect potential hazards early, preventing costly repairs and safeguarding your home. Additionally, we provide professional installation of chimney caps and covers, protecting against debris, animals, and weather damage. Trust our dedicated team to keep your chimney in optimal condition, ensuring year-round warmth, safety, and peace of mind.

High-Quality Roofing Services & Covered Gutters in Wilton, CT

Whether you need roof repair, roof replacement, commercial roofing services, or gutter installation services, Brown Roofing Company, Inc. is the right team for the job. With more than forty-five years in the roof contracting business, we have the tools, knowledge, and expert professionals to ensure your satisfaction and the lasting health of your roof system. We offer no-cost, no-obligation estimates for all our services throughout Wilton, CT. Call today!

Job Stories From Wilton, CT
Complete home transformation, new siding, gutters, and roof in Wilton, CT

For this particular job, we assigned three specialized teams: one for roof replacement, one for gutter installation, and one for siding installation. We follow a systematic approach when handling projects where customers require multiple improvements to their homes. This ensures both safety and efficiency throughout the process.


We begin by focusing on the roof, as it exhibited damage, and significant algae growth and it is the safest to start with. We also noticed portions of the roof drooping inward, indicating potential issues with the decking layer or rafters. Once we received the green light to proceed, our team swiftly initiated the demolition phase. Demolition is typically the quickest and easiest step, and it's always exciting. To protect the house from any potential damage, we lay tarps, securely nailing them to the roof's edge. By extending the other end of the tarps outward, we create a slide for the waste material. This method ensures that the house's siding and plants beneath the roof remain in pristine condition.


 After completing the demolition, we move on to the next step, which involves analyzing the roof and identifying necessary repairs. Before commencing the work, we always dispatch someone to inspect the property. This preliminary assessment provides us with a better understanding of the project requirements, although unexpected changes can still occur. Fortunately, in this case, only the plywood decking layer was found to be rotting, and the rafters were unaffected. We proceed to remove the old layer and replace it with a new one. The subsequent stage involves installing the underlayment and Ice and Water protection. Ice and Water are applied to vulnerable areas such as edges, valleys, and eaves to prevent damage caused by ice and water. It also mitigates the risk of ice dams, which can be hazardous. The underlayment is then laid in areas not covered by Ice and Water, overlapping it to provide an extra layer of sealing for the roof.


Finally, we install the shingles and flashings. During the shingle installation process, we start from the bottom of the roof to ensure proper layering without any gaps that could allow water to leak through. As we progress upward, we incorporate flashing around roof openings, such as vents and chimneys, to ensure a watertight seal. Once all the shingles are securely in place, we finish the roof by installing ridge vents.


On the second day of the project, we focus on gutter installation. This task typically requires less time compared to roof and siding installation. For this specific home, we opted for our 6K gutter system, which not only enhances the property's value but also effectively redirects water away from the house, protecting it from potential damage.


Lastly, on the third day, we remove the old siding and install brand new siding. The homeowner chose our Cedar Peaks Premium Blue Siding, which beautifully complements the new roof and gutters. The transformation is truly remarkable, and within just a few days, the house undergoes a complete makeover.


By following this meticulous and organized approach, we ensure that each step of the project is executed with precision and attention to detail, resulting in a stunning and functional outcome for our valued customers.


Complete home transformation, new siding, gutters, and roof in Wilton, CT - Photo 1
Work Requests From Wilton, CT
Project Location: Wilton, CT
Looking for a roof replacement
Project Location: Wilton, CT
Hello. We are purchasing a home in Wilton. The roof apparently is in good condition but there are shingles missing at roof joints and flashing repairs needed where roof meets siding ( mold seen inside) We are replacing the cedar siding with another wood siding fyi. Thanks
Project Location: Wilton, CT
Looking for a new roof with financing options
Project Location: Wilton, CT
Ridge cap repair / general inspection
Project Location: Wilton, CT
360 sq ft (8'x48') walkout second floor deck with posts and railings, over a conditioned area could use tear-off and replacement. Two layers currently over sheathing boards: 1st layer is mineral roll roofing, 2nd layer is torch-down. Has started to leak at eaves and soffits in heavy rain but no interior problems yet. Pls make sure that proper caller ID displays because spam callers are rejected. Thanks.