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Roof Replacement Customer Testimonial from Steve G. in Middlebury, CT

Brown Roofing Company of Naugatuck just completed tearing off my old roof and installing a new one. i would highly recommend Brown to anyone in the complex who is contemplating a new roof. 

Brown's bid was the second lowest I received, thousands below the high bidder. Of the four bidders, only the Brown representative (a roofer, not just an estimator) went up onto the roof to inspect it. (I considered that telling.) He was also the only one who volunteered the number of squares involved and the cost of each square. 

The contract was pretty specific, but when I asked the manager (Eddie Griffin) to alter it to include several things, he readily agreed. Brown was the only company that required no payment up front. "Full payment on satisfactory completion of the job" was written into the contract. This company has been in business for forty years and has confidence in the quality of its work. 

Brown started the job when they said they would and they finished on schedule, as well (3 days). I've experienced roof replacement before, and this was by far the ost professional job I've seen. The crew was fast, efficient, thorough, and friendly. And it was a crew (aprox. seven men) not just one guy and a helper (which would have meant a week or more to finish the job). 

Unlike the other bidders, Brown uses dump trucks to haul away debris, meaning homeowners don't have to tolerate a monstrous dumpster sitting in their driveways for 3-5 days. Brown's crew and their equipment arrived each day at 7:00 AM. When they left at the end of each day, everything went with around the house to indicate they'd even been there.

I suspect more and more homeowners in Steeplechase will begin to ponder roof issues as the years roll on. When they come to you for recommendations, I suggest you put Brown Roofing in the mix.

-Steve G

- Steve G. of Middlebury, CT
Friday, March 31st

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