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How To Safely Remove Leaves From Your Roof

Leaves on roof

Fall has arrived and for many of us New Englanders that means leaves galore. Leaves in your yard. Leaves on your vehicles and leaves on your roof. Just as we can’t count on wind clearing the leaves out of our yards we also can’t rely on the wind to clear the leaves off our roof. Leaves can trap moisture against shingles causing your roof to deteriorate far earlier than expected. The moisture can cause the growth of mold and algae which can spread across your roof. Not only is this unsightly but molds can be harmful to your health as well if not treated.

leaves on roof

Your Leaf Removal Options:

  1. You can blow the leaves off a low-pitched roof with a leaf blower.

  2. You can pull off leaves from roofs with a steeper pitch by using a broom on an extension pole or a roof rake. A roof rake is designed specifically for this purpose so if you have access to one that would be the preferred method rather than the broom.

Once you have taken care of the leaves on your roof there are steps you can take to maintain and prevent in the future. We advise that you trim back all branches that are close to or touching the shingles to prevent any extra damage. If you notice mold on your roof you can chemically treat it, then sweep it off using a soft broom. A diluted bleach solution will kill mold but be cautious to spray just enough to soak just the mold itself.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended that you attempt to remove leaves by getting on the roof unless you are equipped to do so safely. 

Don’t Neglect Your Gutters

You should make a habit of cleaning your gutters at least twice a year -- Fall and Spring. However, if you have multiple trees near or over your home you may find yourself needing to tend to them more frequently. Neglecting this task can cause your gutters to weigh down from wet leaves and build up and with that extra weight, the gutters could pull away from the home causing even more damage to the exterior. Not to mention if water is unable to drain through the gutters the excess could soak into your shingles again causing molding. You may consider opting for Gutter Shutters, gutter guards that keep out large debris so you don’t spend as much time and effort cleaning.

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