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At Brown Roofing, we take a lot of pride in the work that we do. We are all homeowners who understand the value of the little things that make our houses homes. When our crews arrive at your house, we lay tarps from the roof to your yard to make sure any removed shingles or roofing products do not fall on your landscaping. The crews will set up any platforms or tarps necessary to protect your lawn, deck, and garden. We also place dumpsters in a convenient location that will not disrupt traffic in and out of the house, and all dumpsters are removed from your property the day the work is completed.

The photo on the left was taken on the day of the project. There is no garbage on the lawn, and all the bushes are perfectly intact. We even go over every yard and driveway to make sure any loose nails have been removed. Call us today, and see why so many homeowners have chosen Brown Roofing for their exterior home remodeling projects.

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